Things to Do with Kids on a Rainy Day That Isn’t the Movies

Stuck inside on a rainy day? Kids driving you bonkers?  We’ve put together a list with a few activities to keep the tiddlywinks occupied while you get the breather you need, or get up and join in too!


Indoor Rock Climbing

Get the kids, and even yourself, burning some of that built up energy with some Indoor Rock Climbing.  Indoor Rock Climbing is one of the best total-body workouts available, as it works both the mind and the body. Rock climbing challenges people and motivates them to do more, which is an ability that is beneficial not only on the climbing wall, but in all aspects of life! Indoor Rock climbing is ideal for people with all abilities and needs, as it allows them to learn and improve awareness, mobility skills, and productive attitudes and behaviors that lead to a safe, active lifestyle.



Indoor Mini Golf

Who doesn’t like a bit of friendly competition on the mini green!  Mini golf, in addition to being a perfect family bonding experience, is also beneficial for enhancing hand-eye coordination, spatial perception, and promoting focus and persistence.  Scoring can be used to teach children basic math concepts.


Puzzle Room or Escape Rooms

Puzzle rooms are simlilar to that of escape rooms, however you are generally not locked inside and only require to complete some puzzles, riddles and find some items before moving on to the next room.  Puzzles rooms are probably more suited to smaller children.  In the Puzzle Room, teamwork, communication, leadership skills, logical reasoning, attention to detail, and lateral thinking can all be expected at some point. Teams must search the room and uncover its mysteries while surrounded by hints, passwords, and puzzles. You’ll need to collaborate with others, take notes, and work beyond the box, just don’t overthink things.


Bubble Soccer

Bubble soccer is perfect for children since there are no strict technical guidelines to observe. To avoid the rival from scoring a target, you will hop around or crash into each other. You still don’t have to think about getting hurt when you’re surrounded by a bubble. Kids are often found rolling around and smiling, and they sometimes forget about the game!  Or simply bump and bounce into each other having fun trying to knock each other over and watch how everybody bounces!


Indoor Racket Sports

Get on down to your local fitness centre and have a go at indoor sports like  Squash.  Great for fitness and agility, both of these sports are fun for kids and adults alike and will really get the heart pumping.  Or try your literal hand at indoor volley ball, table tennis, indoor soccer or netball, the list goes on and on.


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Virtual Reality Gaming Areas

Similar to that of Laser Tag, be prepare to be transported into a different world in which the unexpected occurs. Enable yourself to be completely submerged in an open environment  except with utter freedom of movement when navigating an alternate world, overcoming puzzles, or battling for life. VR game arenas have one of the most interactive environments possible, leaving you wondering what is real and what is not. Fight your way through a zombie-infested army base or enter a ghostly eerie manor where corridors move and furniture comes to life.


Learn To Paint

Get your creative juices flowing learning a new art skill.  Whether it is painting, macramé or pottery, there are many group classes near you that can teach you a new artistic skill, where you are provided with all the materials needed and get to take your art piece home with you, straight to the pool room!


Interactive Science Museums

Hopefully there is one of these near you.   In an immersive science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) room, you can let your imagination run wild. Follow your imagination and channel your inner scientist as you challenge, examine, and ponder the world around you.  Explore the immersive exhibits to learn about how STEM impacts the daily life.


Indoor Go-Karting

Probably one for the older kiddos, or kiddos at hear.  Indoor Go-karting sees a smile on your face with a hit of adrenaline to get the heart pumping.  Drift around the arena, racing your mates, often on multi-level tracks, who can’t say that this isn’t one of the funnest things to do!